What we do

What we do


Let FarmBot manage all your watering, lighting, fans, and more, no matter the size of your farm.


FarmWare is a specialized set of tools that gives you everything you need to manage your farm.


We're here to help! Transform your farm into a cutting-edge, efficient, sustainable powerhouse!

Farm Management Software

Purpose built for high density controlled environment agriculture, FarmWare handles everything from orders, to production schedules, to packing and delivery. Finally, everything you need to run your farm all in one place!

Let your farm run itself

Relax while FarmBot manages all your watering, lighting, fans, and more. Our systems are not only expandable, allowing you to add features as needed, but also scalable, growing seamlessly with your farm's ambitions.

Optimize your Vertical Farm with VertiGrow’s Network of Consultants

We're here to help you harness innovation to maximize yields and minimize resources. Transform your farm into a cutting-edge, efficient, sustainable powerhouse!

Trusted by the best

from small to big – all around the world

We’ve worked with farms of all sizes. We know your struggles, and we have built the solutions.

VertiGrow's Impact

3000+ farms
50 countries
1,400,000+ tasks scheduled
350,000+ trays tracked
100,000+ batches grown
100,000+ orders tracked

Let's Grow Together

Our mission is to help fuel the urban farming movement by building best in class tools for the industry. We want to help you grow your business however we can, starting with affordable farm management tools, and very soon, powerful automation for both small and large growers. Let's grow together, let's Grow Food Everywhere.

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Grow Food Everywhere

Grow Food Everywhere

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