FarmBot V1 in action

Let your farm run itself

Relax while FarmBot manages all your watering, lighting, fans, and more. Our systems are not only expandable, allowing you to add features as needed, but also scalable, growing seamlessly with your farm's ambitions.

Every component is controlled by FarmWare, giving you individualized, crop specific control of every aspect of your farm. As you use FarmWare to simplify your day to day tasks, your farm will come alive with watering and lighting schedules administered to each crop exactly where you put them. FarmBot gives you the well-deserved break you've been longing for, eliminating many of the labour intensive chores in running a full time indoor farm..

Everything you need to make growing easy

Everything you need
to make growing easy

Power Control

Any electrical device that is connected to a power outlet (lights, fans, pumps, etc.) can be controlled automatically. This allows you to maximize your existing wiring infrastructure without adding any more cables into the mix.

Valve Control

Our electrical valves integrate seamlessly into your existing plumbing to allow for low cost automation of your irrigation system. Give each crop exactly what it needs with custom, automatic irrigation control.


Our systems can run anywhere. Set up designated workstations onsite or manage your farm on the go with any device through the web. FarmBot uses a mix of cloud based and local control systems, providing easy access and rock solid stability you can count on.

We're ramping up production of our FarmBot V2 controller series which connects to our new and improved FarmWare interface. Contact us for more information about early access!

Interested In Learning More About Our Hardware?

Interested In Learning More About Our Hardware?

We are currently ramping up production of our controllers and are starting to take orders. Contact us for more information.

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Grow Food Everywhere

Grow Food Everywhere

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