Optimize your Vertical Farm with VertiGrow’s Network of Consultants

Optimize your Vertical Farm with VertiGrow’s Network of Consultants

Optimize your Vertical Farm with VertiGrow’s Network of Consultants

We're here to help you harness innovation to maximize yields and minimize resources. Transform your farm into a cutting-edge, efficient, sustainable powerhouse!

Available Consulting

Available Consulting

Farm Design

Whether you’re expanding, improving, or starting from scratch, there are always questions on the way from planning to completion. VertiGrow’s team of farming specialists, engineers, electricians, and plumbers can help turn your dreams into reality.

Full Farm Design Services
Layouts & Floor Plans


Your farm is more than just the sum of its parts, but all those parts play a vital role in keeping things running. Our team can help you select the best equipment for your needs and guide you through the process of building and implementing new systems. Elevate your infrastructure with support from our specialists.

Equipment sourcing


Increase your farm’s profitability by consulting our resident vertical farming mentor, Jonah Krochmalnek. Whether your goals are to scale your businesses,appeal to a larger customer base, or increase efficiency, our experts can guide your farm to new heights.

Standard Operating Procedures
Sales and customers

VertiGrow & Microgreens Consulting: Cultivating Together

Our mission is to help people grow food everywhere, and we have been building tools for over five years that allow farmers around the world to do just that. However, great tools are only part of the equation. We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Microgreens Consulting, a leader with over a decade of experience in operating one of the largest vertical farms in Canada.

Microgreens Consulting has educated and helped launch more than 4,000 microgreens businesses worldwide. Together, we are creating a truly replicable farming framework with proven results.

Our combined expertise will help you boost profitability by maximizing efficiency, equipping you with effective sales tactics, and perfecting your processes.

When a seasoned hand wields great tools, the harvest is always bountiful. VertiGrow and Microgreens Consulting: Your dedicated partners in success. Let’s grow together; let’s grow food everywhere.

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Consulting Services?

Interested In Our Consulting Services?

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