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Error Codes – Order Page

Order Denied – Additive System

The order denied error occurs when you have not allotted enough time to grow your crop. For example, let’s say your radish recipe takes 10 days to grow. If it is the first of the month and you place an order for Radish due on the 3rd, FarmWare will give you an error because you do not have enough time to grow the crop.

If you have already planted crops that you know will be ready for the delivery date then you can use the force button to push the order through.

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Start Date Warning Additive System

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The start date warning appears when you are using extra inventory that has been scheduled at an earlier time. For example, if you input 5 large clamshells of sunflower with the additive system you may have half a tray left over. When you schedule another order for sunflower you will get a start date warning to inform your remaining crop level.

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Insufficient Inventory warning – Subtractive system

The insufficient inventory error appears when you do not have enough inventory to fulfill a subtractive order. For example, if you place a subtractive order for 2 trays of radish and you only have 1 tray of radish in your inventory FarmWare will give you an error.

In order to work around this error you must input additional crop on the inventory page.

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Schedule Error

The schedule error occurs when users forget to input a harvest day on their crop recipes. Every crop recipe must end in a harvest day so FarmWare knows the length of your crop cycles. To fix this error simply go back to your crop builder and add a harvest day.

Over Capacity Pop-Up

The Over Capacity popup appears if you place an order or production run that causes you to exceed your farm’s current capacity. The purpose of this warning is to notify you that you’ll either need to purchase more trays or add more growing space to your farm to accommodate the order; or if you don’t have any more space at your farm, you’ll need to decline the order. This is why it’s important to set your capacity accurately in your settings.

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