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Order Taking Systems

VertiGrow developed FarmWare alongside microgreen farmers to assure that your pain points and needs were met. We incorporated 3 different crop planning processes into FarmWare. It’s important to understand what order-taking system you prefer to get the most out of FarmWare.

Additive Order Taking System

The additive order-taking system is for grow-to-order farms, if you plan the number of trays you plant based on order demand then this will likely be the system you use. Under the additive system, FarmWare will calculate how many trays you need to plant based on the orders you input.

Subtractive Order Taking System

The subtractive order-taking system is for farms that predict their inventory needs on a weekly basis. Under the subtractive system, you will input the number of trays planted for each crop on planting day and subtract away from that inventory as orders are placed.

Mix Order Taking System

Some farms prefer to take an approach that combines the two systems above. These users input stand in repeat orders with the additive system and add an inventory buffer with the subtractive system to assure they are planting enough crop to satisfy demands.

Still unsure what system is best for you?

Check out workflow example videos for additive and subtractive order systems in action!

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